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Cargo Transportation

Any business related to cargo transportation implies significant transportation costs. Therefore, control over the traffic movement and fuel consumption is virtually a baseline for monitoring which enables to ensure stable development of company. Installation of satellite-based tracking systems makes it possible to identify all the problems and failures in the work of drivers, promptly detect weak points in planning of transportation costs and adjust vehicle fleet management.

ADM terminals enable the use of the maximum of opportunities of GLONASS/GPS tracking to address the following tasks: 

  • to deliver a fuel saving;
  • to increase the security of cargo transportation;
  • to ensure just-in-time logistics;
  • to obtain true reports and detect any driver malpractice rapidly;
  • to reduce repair costs and ensure sparing power setting of vehicle operation;
  • to provide full monitoring of the cargo transportation process.

It is practically impossible to get the actual picture of company’s activities without GSP trackers, because drivers very often furnish their managers with incorrect or even false information on their work that cannot be then verified. As a result, corporate carriers regularly find themselves in a position where real incomes are considerably below their targets.

The ADM equipment is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary cargo transportation market and provides an effective tool to optimize the company’s activities.

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