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The current pace of agriculture development is impressive; the range of agricultural machinery which is seen as a critical driving force of company’s development is constantly increasing. Therefore, agricultural producers face a crucial task of monitoring of transportation costs in the context of ever-rising fuel prices and optimization of each stage of production to ensure the best value-for-money. 

The satellite-based tracking can be rightfully called the most accurate and reliable tool to monitor not only transport, but other moving and stationary objects as well. Such tool based on multifunctional ADM terminals and specialized software enables:

  • to obtain objective data on fuel consumption in a sustained manner, and to prevent misuse or unauthorized use of fuel;
  • to learn about all failures of normal operation of vehicles in real times;
  • to monitor and adjust the performance of agricultural machinery;
  • to enhance the labor discipline and productivity;
  • to plan the productive activities on an informed basis. 

The ADM equipment already assists many agribusinesses in establishing continuous automated control of the use of agricultural machinery by means of the satellite-based tracking, achieving high results in reduction of operating costs and in significant increasing of productivity. 

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