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The world today cannot be imagined without taxi. Every minute thousands of taxi cabs go to the pick-up addresses. The more organized and coordinated is the work of taxi provider, the more clients apply to its service again. However, frequently taxi providers in an attempt to win the competition cut their costs as much as possible, but forget the quality.

The satellite-based tracking is the necessary lead over the competitors in the ever competitive market resulting in substantial savings in transportation costs through improving the quality of services instead of reducing the costs. 

Installation of the ADM equipment for the satellite-based GLONASS and GPS tracking an fleet management opens up new development opportunities for taxi providers, and allows them:

  • to track the location of every cab in real time;
  • to cut fuel costs by 15-50% and to prevent misuse or unauthorized use of fuel;
  • to enhance driver and passenger safety;
  • to ensure operational work, i.e. to provide an efficient and effective processing of calls coming from clients;
  • to cease the practice when drivers pick up clients without informing cab dispatchers;
  • to obtain objective information on the work of cab drivers.  

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