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Passenger Transportation

People transportation calls upon the sense of responsibility and comprehensive control. The satellite-based tracking systems used in the sector of passenger services make it possible to track the traffic of buses on the route with the appropriate stops, maintain a precise control of fuel consumption and promptly obtain information on all traffic violations.

The ADM equipment for satellite-based tracking suggests effective ways to improve the quality of passenger services. Implementation of GLONASS/GSP tracking systems provides companies with the opportunity to improve their performance and ensure:

  • timely arrival of buses at bus stops;
  • optimal route planning;
  • enhanced driver and passenger safety;
  • fuel savings by up to 50%;
  • objective evaluation to see how diligent bus drivers are about their work;
  • receiving of real-time information; 
  • elimination of the possibility of improper use of buses and their delays. 

In today’s highly competitive market of passenger transportation the specialized companies and enterprises strive to improve the quality of their services in order to attract and keep clients. This is why the satellite-based tracking and fleet management system is not just a multifunctional instrument of control, but a time-bound necessity. 

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