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Oil & Gas

Perhaps, managers of oil and gas companies are better than anybody else aware of the need to ensure strict control and monitoring of equipment operation and fuel consumption. To date the most reliable and efficient way of pursuing these directions is introduction of the satellite-based monitoring system. Compact and technological ADM terminals enable for the implementation of current potentials of GLONASS/GSP tracking on the basis of various equipment used in the oil & gas sector.  

Installation of equipment for satellite-based tracking and fleet management allows an oil and gas company to meet a number of challenges associated with optimization of its activities:      

  • to track the location of every vehicle in real time;
  • to detect unauthorized discharge and excessive use of fuel by dishonest drivers;
  • to maintain a strict record of driving distance and the amount of fuel used to preclude the use of vehicles for unauthorized purposes and standby unattended time;
  • to ensure automated control of working hours and to  strengthen labor discipline;
  • to ensure on-line detection of violations,  enhance vehicle safety and reduce the number of road accidents and incidents (abnormal situations);
  • to reduce repair costs.  

A serious approach to the manufacture of terminals and the use of innovative technologies allow us to guarantee to oil and gas companies the high-quality and functional satellite-based monitoring of facilities which enables to control the operation of equipment located even in remote areas and obtain necessary information in a continuous mode.        

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