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Logistics and distribution constitute a main area of business where satellite-based monitoring helps to deal with very serious tasks. With implementation of satellite-based tracking and fleet management, logistics companies receive concrete and measurable results which subsequently contribute to the overall development of company and strengthening of its position in the highly competitive market of logistical services. Therefore, in this case the purchase of monitoring equipment should be considered not as expenditures, but investments in business development.

Thousands of vehicles of logistics companies ply roads within and outside Russia day and night. The ADM equipment helps to optimize delivery from one point to another which only seems to be a simple process. The satellite-based monitoring in logistics and distribution entails:

  • tracking of vehicle location in real time;
  • more expeditious deliveries, and just-in-time fulfillment of commitments;
  • fuel savings though receiving on-line data on fuel consumption, and prevention of unauthorized discharge and excessive use of fuel;
  • enhancement of safety and driver’s discipline, and minimization of the number of traffic violations;
  • route adjustment and prevention of the use of vehicles for unauthorized purposes;
  • the most efficient utilization of vehicle at minimum cost. 

Today, information is the primary resource and, therefore, the opportunity to get true on-line data on fleet operation is not only as a tool to save budget funds, but absolute competitive advantage that allows company to adjust its business processes in a timely manner, and adjust rapidly to any economic conditions.  

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