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    ADM21RFID tag is designed for mounting on mobile and stationary facilities for their identification in combination with ADM20 RFID reader.

    The tag transmits identification data to a distance of up to 100 m by radio signal at a frequency of 868 MHz, and processes the data on status of magnetic field sensor.

    The tag supports the change in power of transceiver, period of identification data transmission, individual identification number and subnet tag.

    The tag is intended for single use and does not imply replacement of recharge of battery. 


    Technical Features:

    • Frequency of radio channel: 868 MHz
    • Range: 100 m in the line of sight
    • Power of radio transmitter: max. 25 mW
    • Battery life: up to 3 years
    • Dust- and waterproof case
    • Case material: ABS plastic
    • Operating temperature: -40...+60°C
    • Dimensions: 71х51х27 mm
    • Weight: max. 100 g


    Modifications of firmware for ADM20 readers and ADM21 tags are:

    0х01 – 8 June 2015

    • Release version


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