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    CAN-LOG P145 universal controller of CAN-bus is designed to control technical and operational parameters of modern vehicles equipped with CAN-bus, and transmit these parameters to the adjacent device.

    The CAN-log module is connected to the vehicle CAN-bus, and coordinated with them on the software and hardware level.

    It is used to optimize the settings of control systems of parameters of vehicles equipped with the digital CAN-bus. It enables to read out the required information.

    The CAN-LOG serves as a connecting link between the vehicle and additional equipment to be mounted.

    It is not used alone without additional equipment.

    The module can be reprogrammed (with the opportunity to choose programs for different vehicles and special equipment). It is possible to update the software via the Internet.


    Example of ADM700/ADM300/ADM100 terminal operation with CAN-LOG controller:

    Technical Features:

    • Supply voltage: 9...50V;
    • Maximum current consumption: 50mA;
    • Operating temperature: -40...+85°C.

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