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Neomatica products provide a solid basis for the systems of GLONASS/GPS tracking and fleet management. The ADM terminals are functional. They are designed and manufactured with the use of innovative technologies, comply with requirements of laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, including Order of the Ministry of Transport No. 285, and work seamlessly with any software.  

When you buy Neomatica products, you can be assured that very soon you will get monitoring equipment the quality of which is attested by mandatory certificates and guaranteed for an extended period, including post-warranty services.






ADM700 3G

Compliance with Order No. 285    
Antennas Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in
Number of SIM-cards 1 1 2 2
Number of analog inputs  2 2 6 6
Number of pulse inputs  2 2 2 2
RS-232 interface     2 2
RS-485 interface 1 1 1 1
CAN-bus     1 1
1 Wire     1 1
Micro SD   1 1 1
Accelerometer    1 1 1
Battery   1 1 1




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