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Multifunctional identification system: new possibilities ofcontrol


Satellite monitoring of transport is already familiar and indispensable in many companies budget savings instrument and control personnel, but progress does not stand still. The market of telematic equipment was supplemented by perspective novelty: multifunctional identification system consisting of subsystems of the near and far identification - reader ADM20 and mark ADM21.

The innovative development directed to do business at any industry more productive, high-tech and less costly, boasts impressive versatility, because it eliminates the need to buy a special identification system for different locations and conditions of use.

The equipment is adapted for use with mobile and stationary objects, for their identification, as well as counting of work time. Case, protected from dust and dirt, provides great opportunities for the installation both on the vehicles of different capacity, and on the ancillaries, on fuel dispensing column, on bowsers.

For example, you can "connect" tanker, the operator and the customer of fuel: the driver who gets access by card of Mifare or Em Marin to the vehicle on which was installed the reader ADM20, will promptly bring petroleum products to the customer, but the fact of the delivery and transfer of fuel will be fixed through the ADM21 mark.


Similarly, the interaction can be established with driver of the tractor and the trailer - it will give ability to identify objects connected to each other, and the driver, putting the universal card to the reader ADM20, will be able to get into the vehicle cabin.

New from the company "Neomatica" and "GLONASSSoft" differs by extensive functionality. In addition to the main destination, it can be used to identify the personnel, to account material values and solutions of a number of other tasks. For example, ADM20 reader installed in the office is a reliable and budget tool to control that allows to easily monitor the observance of working hours by employees.

It should be noted that the using of the equipment can be carried out without reference to the specific software that allows the possibility of independent control of the system.


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