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"Neomatica" supported adapter 485 for CAN-LOG


Support of adapter 485 for CAN-LOG. Adapter converts interface UART from output of CAN-module in the RS 485 interface.

With the creation of CAN-module for monitoring systems of transport and special equipment for integrators of equipment became available the parameters that previously could not be obtained without the use of expensive sensors, such as axle load or moisture of grain, the load of engine or the position of the accelerator pedal, fixation of seat belts or fuel consumption. In the family of the most common by far physical data transfer protocol - UART the best known is the RS-232 protocol. The second most common interface is RS485, often used in industrial process control systems to connect controllers and other equipment. The main differences of the RS-485 are the possibility of combining several devices, big noise immunity, increased data rate. If CAN-module have output RS-232 interface, you can connect it through a special adapter. "Neomatica" supported 485 adapter for CAN-LOG. The adapter converts the UART interface with output of CAN-module to the RS485 interface. The inverter is designed for permanent installation on a vehicle powered by the onboard power supply with voltage of 9 to 40V DC.



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