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How ADM trackers are made?

Neomatica is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of equipment used for GLONASS/GPS vehicle and other objects monitoring systems.

ADM trackers are ones of the most reliable devices in the market created with a responsible approach at the development stage, careful selection of components, and constant quality control at the production stage. Besides, we are constantly improving existing equipment.

Today we will talk about how our devices are made.

The development process begins with a careful consideration of functional features of the future device and their implementation.  After working the project out, software and mechanic engineers create a board layout with all components and interfaces, selecting necessary components and working on an industrial design. Then specialists are writing the device software and debugging it. Then they create and test prototypes. After checking and testing, correcting errors and bringing the device to a clear functioning, it is being prepared for production.

ADM trackers manufacturing is based on ultimate technologies with the equipment JUKI, HELLER, etc.

Production process begins with a study of design documentation for the product and preparation of a detailed process map. Then the boards are prepared for components installation, dried in an oven, and lubricated with solder paste with a special printer.

After this, the boards are sent to the primary mounting line. The line is fully automated and consists of three machines used for installation of small, medium and large elements. The machines are connected to each other by an automatic conveyor, which ensures delivery of boards from one machine to another. Each production stage is visually controlled by monitors installed above each machine. With their help operator can monitor and adjust production process.

Next, the boards are sent to a special furnace for soldering, where they undergo several heating stages. After a complete cooling, the boards are loaded into cassettes and sent to the next stage - penetrating mounting stage.

Penetrating mounting is carried out by installing and soldering components manually. Manual installation of components reduces the possibility of errors in the installation of components, as it is accompanied by a constant human control. Manual installation area is equipped with modern soldering stations and devices for visual inspection of all elements and connections.

The next step is recording and configuring device software. After that, device passes a full functional test, as well as a performance control when being exposed to climatic, mechanical and other factors, and then it is placed in a housing and marked.

All equipment united under the ADM brand passes such a multistage and complex way before falling into the hands of our customers.



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