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How to control employees and material values using one device?

Staff control, delivery service optimization, transport security, cargo protection, athletes and tourists monitoring, family safety – all of this is possible by using one device - ADM50 personal tracker

And this is not the whole list of its possibilities!

ADM50 is portable device equipped with a powerful battery, several operation modes and alarm button. It registers the location, speed and direction of the object's by signals from GLONASS/GSP system, it is equipped with position location function via GSM basic stations.


That's what our partners from Russia say about ADM50:

«…We really enjoyed a continuous work of this device – for the first time we deal with such a «long-lasting» equipment. It is comfortable because when there is no movement, the device passes to sleep mode and in this way saves battery charge…», - VolgaCom.

«…ADM50 is easy to use. It does not need installation and can work several days without an electrical network. This tracker is indispensable assistant in sports competitions…», - Federation of Ultralight Aviation of Russia.

«…Our opinion is that today Russian manufacturers do not have better and more reliable personal trackers, than ADM50…», -, GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems integrator.

Do you want to learn more about cases using the ADM50?




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