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ADM50 has been tested in the Stratosphere

This summer our Russian partners «USK» have tested ADM50 personal tracker in the Stratosphere.

ADM50 was installed onto a stratospheric balloon, and launched into the Near Space during “GEEK FEST” scientific and technical intellectual festival.

Stratospheric balloon went up to 31,256 meters, and its descent took about 4 hours.

The probe landed at a distance of 300 km from the starting point. It was found only thanks to the ADM50. Expensive GPS tracking equipment that was additionally installed onto the stratospheric balloon failed.

Watch the video about Stratospheric balloon flight.



Technical data

The Stratospheric balloon is a big balloon filled with helium and equipped with a platform. It is intended for launching into the Stratosphere at a height from 15 to 35 meters.  The air temperature in the Stratosphere is from −56,5 °С to +0,8 °С.  The balloon expands during the flight because atmospheric pressure decreases. When reaching a critical size, the balloon bursts. Then the platform with the equipment goes down with the parachute. Usually stratospheric balloon lands within a few tens or hundreds kilometers from the starting point. The landing can be everywhere: in the mountains, in the forest etc. Our ADM50 helped to find quickly the location of this stratospheric balloon.






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