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ADM007 BLE: what is new?

Many of our Partners have already tried ADM007 BLE tracker. ADM007 BLE is a modification of our smallest ADM007 tracker. It has more functions and opportunity to work with wireless sensors.

Today we will tell you about new solutions of this tracker.


Inclination angle measurement

We have announced our new ADM32 wireless Inclination sensor more than once. Today we can tell that this sensor has been completely integrated with ADM007 BLE tracker.

ADM32 was created for the monitoring of vehicles units and lifting equipment. It allows to monitor real vehicle working time (number of loads, unloads, climbs) and as a result to measure tasks performance, to   prevent violations in time and optimize the processes of work.  

Humidity control

Soon, the ADM31 BLE temperature and illumination sensor with a new function of humidity control will be on sale. This feature is already supported in the ADM007 BLE tracker. You use one click to setup the sensor.

Humidity control is relevant for the goods with high requirements for the transportation. The sensor allows to measure humidity in percentage with an accuracy up to the second decimal. Complete data can be viewed in the ADM BLE-Configurator application, only the whole number is transmitted to the server.


Fuel control

As you know, thanks to ADM007 BLE you can implement fuel control. Such possibility exists due to the integration of the tracker with a third-party wireless Escort fuel sensor. Data exchange with Escort fuel sensor as well as with ADM BLE sensors is done via Bluetooth. In a new firmware the effectiveness of the ADM007 BLE work with Escort sensors has been increased, besides the probability of a connection failure has been reduced. Now a user can receive the information about communication signal via BEFUELINFO command.


«Black box»

Now ADM007 BLE tracker can save 2 times more data about moving object, because the «black box» size has been increased by 24 000 records. 


Traffic saving

Users can save traffic via turning off unnecessary data transmission from BLE sensors sent in CAN data block. The turning off is done by BLEPROTOCOL command. Also, the user can activate reduced transmission of illumination data by LIGHTPROTOCOL command.


Attention! When a new firmware is installed the memory of the tracker will be formatted.




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